Rusangu University, an Adventist Institution of higher learning, registered and recognised by the Higher Education Authority is looking for ...

Rusangu University Job Opportunities

Rusangu University, an Adventist Institution of higher learning, registered and recognised by the Higher Education Authority is looking for suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill the following vacant positions:

Deans’ Administrative Assistant


Manage student admissions process

Prepare Lectures’ payments

Receiving and packaging exams

Prepare student timetables in good time before a session begins

Conduct course pre-registration

Monitor student class attendance

Supervise work program students

Manning reception

Coordinate online registration liaison with IT department

Data and records maintenance

Filling of University documents

Make Lecturers and students’ files

Data and Records Officer (1) - 1 Year Contract


Manage the production of class lists.

Work in liaison with the admission officers from all campuses to obtain information on quarterly enrolments.

Compile numbers of admitted students per quarter for all campuses.

Maintain accurate and reliable records pertaining to enrolment of students by updating information periodically

Maintain accurate records of student population in each program, school and campus

Facilitate late registration.

Maintain accurate and reliable records of registration forms, exam dockets as well as any other student academic

documents such as application forms or change of major forms by filing them in student files

Keep accurate records of total enrolment figures.

Assist students with data updates

Compile quarterly and annual Statistical reports as requested by the Registrar.

Keep records of students graduating each year.

Supervise the filing work by students on work program.

Compile a list of total enrolments quarterly and annually.

Compile the total number of credits taken by all students quarterly and annually.

Together with the Student Finance Office and the ICT office, work on annual audit reports as well as other national,regional and international reports as assigned

Campus Police Supervisor - 1


Assist in the hiring and training of security personnel.

Develop and enforce work schedules, as well as monitoring the performance of security and other related personnel.

Monitor contracted security services operations and evaluates the operation of security devices and equipment

Detect and report all manner of suspicious persons or activity to the supervisor

Supervise routine patrols to identify and eliminate possible security-related hazards and situations of the campus and provide escort services when need arises

Maintain safety of university employees, students, clients and property at all times

Control driving speed on campus and caution or apply appropriate discipline on offenders Coordinate responses to all emergency assistance requests

Respond to requests for information from students, faculty, staff and the general public regarding security issues

Enforce municipal laws and administers the student Code of Conduct as published in the College Student Handbook

Conduct investigations and writes reports regarding criminal and Student Code of Conduct violations

Assist to ensure that curfew time is observed by students

Provide search and security during examinations

Conduct alcohol tests on any students or staff suspected of taking beer and apprehend and report offenders to the relevant authority

Ensure that the college buildings are locked and unlocked as needed

Any other assignments as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor or the Vice-Chancellor.

Nursing Lecturer - 1


Teach at undergraduate in areas allocated by the Head of Department and reviewed from time to time by the Head of


Engage with the broader scholarly and professional communities.

Contribute to the development, planning and implementation of a high quality curriculum.

Assist in the development of learning materials, preparing schemes of work and maintaining records to monitor student

progress, achievement and attendance.

Participate in departmental and faculty seminars aimed at sharing research outcomes and building interdisciplinary

collaboration within and outside the department.

Participate in the development, administration and marking of exams and other assessments.

Provide counseling services and support to students.

Participate in the administration of the department's programmes of study and other activities as requested.

Contribute to departmental, faculty, or RU-wide working groups or committees as requested.

Maintain own continuing professional development.

Actively follow and promote RU policies, including Equal Opportunities..


Full Grade 12 Certificate =Master of Science degree in Nursing, a PhD preferred =Valid nursing license from GNC =

Two (2) years teaching experience


Makes a significant contribution to all activities of the

organizational unit or interdisciplinary area and plays a

significant role within his/her profession or discipline.

Director - Public Relations - 1


Set objectives for the PR team and monitor team members' performance.

Maximize university brand presence on various channels.

Plan for and deploy digital activities: website, online campaigns, email marketing, social media and digital content production.

Cultivate and maintain relationships with media and influential professionals

Arrange interviews and press releases to promote the company and its products/services.

Ensure brand and messaging quality and consistency and establish guidelines to apply across all departments, activities and events at the school and among professional and volunteer leadership.

Periodically report on PR campaigns' results

Manage crisis situations to maintain the university's good reputation

Advise the Vice-chancellor on matters which affect the university constituencies.

Prepare and manage the department budget in order to maximize the effectiveness of all communications.

Attend to any other assignments as assigned by the Vice-Chancellor or administration.

How to apply

The subject line of the application should contain the name of the position that is being applied for as listed above e.g. “Nursing Lecturer” and addressed to:

The Assistant Registrar - Human Resource,



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