PAEDIATRIC CLINICAL OFFICER Reports Paediatric Clinical Care Specialist/Facility Coordinator. The Paediatric Clinical Officer shall be an ex...

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Reports Paediatric Clinical Care Specialist/Facility Coordinator. The Paediatric Clinical Officer shall be an experienced practicing clinician competent in paediatric HIV clinical medicine. S/he should possess well developed interpersonal communication skills and should be able to impart knowledge to others.  S/he should be well experienced with working in ART clinics (adult and paediatric), in Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV, and in Infant and Young Child Feeding. In addition s/he should have both paediatric and adolescent counselling skills and should   be a qualified mentor for nurses and clinical officers in HIV medicine. S/he should have strong understanding of all HIV guidelines (adult HIV, Paediatric HIV and PMTCT guidelines).  S/he shall be responsible for quality clinical care of paediatric and adolescent HIV services.
Main Duties
To work closely with the linkage officers to ensure all HIV infected children and adolescents in the assigned facilities are initiated on treatment. To conduct quality clinical care to paediatric HIV clients. To mentor health workers in paediatric and adolescent HIV management. To assist the facility health workers to review paediatric patient files to identify areas of improvement and institute remedial action. To conduct training needs assessments jointly with the facility/ART in-charges. To work in collaboration with other staff members to plan and conduct trainings in areas related to paediatric HIV including but not limited to Comprehensive Paediatric HIV Care and adolescent HIV management. Ensure onsite orientation on new paediatric ART guidelines. Offer consultation on complicated cases to health care workers in HIV clinics. To guide clinical decision making in a professional manner to both mentees and other health care workers. To help with mentoring of the nurses undertaking the HIV Nurse Practitioners Training especially Paediatric HIV. To review complicated/difficult cases with the clinicians/nurses and guide on the best options available and need for referral/consultation. To ensure clinicians are taking relevant medical history and conducting appropriate clinical examination for the patients they manage. To ensure that clinicians are able to assess disease stage for both children and adolescents using the WHO staging criteria. To guide other clinicians on the assessment, recognition and management of treatment failure using the recommended national guidelines. To perform other functions as requested by the supervisors.
Reports to the Clinical Care Specialist – Prevention. The Technical Advisor HTS will actively participate in the development, modification, and/or adaptation of appropriate technical strategies and tailored approaches for improving access to HTS including rapid HIV testing, “provider-initiated” testing and testing (PITC) in medical settings, and facility- and community-based HTS, including targeted index testing. S/he will provide technical support to the Head of Community and Clinical Teams as required in providing high quality HTS which comply with the national guidelines.
Main duties
Technically oversee the implementation of HTS services in CIDRZ-supported facilities. Ensure quality HTS service delivery. Advise the ACHIEVE Programme on referral and linkage of HIV positive clients to HIV care and treatment services. Design/ redesign novel HTS service delivery strategies. Develop indicators and tools for tracking outcomes and ensure data collection and utilisation by teams. Support the development, dissemination and use of quality assurance protocols and SOPs. Ensure adherence of HTS service delivery with the Ministry of Health National Guidelines. Mentor health care providers rendering static and outreach HTS services in CIDRZ-supported sites. Work closely with the Clinical Teams teams to ensure service integration. Provide leadership in ensuring clinical service delivery of HIV related services are performed in accordance with standard operating procedures and in compliance with MOH rules and regulations and national guidelines. Work closely with government stakeholders to ensure quality standards are met, and resolve issues related to quality service delivery promptly and effectively. Follow-up accessibility of service and the service uptake to the beneficiaries of the ACHIEVE Programmes. Maximize the service provision vis-a-vis the target and the cost that goes to the HTS activities directly and indirectly. In consultation with Laboratory Services Department, schedule proficiency testing at supported health facilities and ensure that corrective measures are taken in time. Collaborate with all local stakeholders and implementing partners, especially the Ministry of Health and other US and international implementing partners, to ensure that all activities conform to the requirements and regulations. Conduct regular reporting to the Project Director, and project and technical staff, of successes, challenges and lessons learned in implementation related to areas of technical expertise.
The Data Manager is responsible for designing the PCC study databases for the quantitative and qualitative components of the study, managing electronic data entry and contributing to quality control efforts. Based in Lusaka province; reports to the Study Coordinator and Head of Data Processing.
Main Duties
Design, test and manage the study databases for the quantitative and qualitative components of the PCC study. Create the electronic questionnaires (Data Entry Forms). Create and manage the project data dictionary. Develop data extraction tools/ dashboard for close study monitoring. Develop and adhere to study data management plan. Ensure that data is backed up at all stages of the data collection process. Develop data quality reports and generate weekly queries to ensure that the study data are cleaned regularly. Assist with qualitative data entry, data management and analysis. Work with the Head of Data Processing and Quality Assurance/Quality Control Data Supervisors to ensure the quality of study data. Respond to ad hoc information requests from CIDRZ and MOH; channel requests from other parties through the MOH. As requested, provide monthly (minimum) updates to PCC study team and study partners such as health facilities, MOH. Monitor testing of new software versions; ensure central list of bugs and updates is maintained and that new software versions are not released into the field until critical bugs are corrected. Liaise with co-investigators and study staff member including CIDRZ & UCSF Analyst to run data queries and update data to support analysis. Support procurement of data-related items. Liaise with ICT Department and partners (e.g. consultants and mobile network providers) around data use, security and management needs. Support study sampling, SmartCare data extraction and updates. Support CIDRZ Data Analysis Department with skills and competency development, SOP creation and other contributions as requested.
Reporting to the Pre/Post Analytical Supervisor, the Laboratory Assistant Archivist has the overall responsibility for management, operation and maintenance of specimen archive system. This system includes all -80c freezers located within the central laboratory, all specimens stored within these freezers, specimen archive software and all paper and electronic freezer box maps. S/he will acquire and maintain an in-depth knowledge of specimen handling, storage and shipping conditions and procedures required by all project protocols and SOPs.
Main Duties
Consult and report to Operations Manager and the Pre/Post Analytical Supervisor on any issues that affect the accurate and successful implementation of projects and the functioning of the specimen archive system.
Catalogues all archived specimens and reconcile any discrepancies between the paper and electronic box maps. Maintain accurate records of all archived specimens and ensure that these records are available to the appropriate program, study and laboratory staff. Schedule and maintain an accurate record of all maintenance and repair performed on CIDRZ laboratory freezers, fridges and any other specimen storage tools to ensure they are in optimal operating conditions. Work with program and laboratory staff to develop protocols and standard operating procedures [SOPs] for proper specimen handling, storage, retrieval and shipping of all archived specimens to and from central lab. Acquire and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the specimen archive software, LIMS, LDMS and other relevant computer software and systems. Train program and laboratory staff on proper use of the specimen archive software for entry of new specimens into the archive and retrieval of information and/or specimens from archive. Supervise adherence to protocols and quality of work that laboratory staff responsible for handling and processing of specimens destined for the archive and for specimens to be removed for testing, shipping or destruction. Design and perform QA/QC checks of all studies and projects that are part of the specimen archive system. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports as required, attend monitoring visit debriefs as required. Ensure that adequate freezer space is assigned to users and is properly documented. Work with laboratory staff to ensure adequate supplies of cryo boxes, freezer racks and paper box maps. Ensure proper use and maintenance of all specimen archive computers, software and paper and electronic box maps. Whenever requested pull out samples while verifying dates, visits and any other details so as to maintain good laboratory practice. Record temperature of all the freezers in the freezer room and report any discrepancies to the supervisor or designate. Help in putting together every shipment request be it for the network studies or non-network. Review and validate results in the absence of the Pre/Post Analytical Supervisor. Assist the Pre/Post Analytical Supervisor in supervising handling of both study and routine specimens.
The Biomedical Scientists/Technologists are trained for personal adherence to all laboratory and project policies and regulations which are included in the laboratory manual and any other documentation. The Biomedical Scientist/Technologist shall strictly work under the supervision of the bench supervisor and/or certified bench staff and will be held to a high standard of performance in his/her duties.
Main Duties
Accurate, precise and proficient performance in the range of tests required by various projects and protocols for their assigned bench or protocol. They will ensure that all quality control and quality assurance is performed and documented before any patient testing is done. Also to ensure that the specimen movement and documentation of specimens is done according to protocol and any unusual observations are promptly discussed with the Bench Supervisor. Will ensure that all specimens and documentations are accounted for during specimen movement and that no loss/damage of specimen or documentation is incurred during this movement. Ensure proper adherence to protocols of the Lab and study at all times. Follow the correct data entry procedures for the Lab Data Management System (LDMS) and the Lab Information Management System (LIMS). Ensure confidentiality at all times concerning participant and project data and information. A confidentiality document will be signed by the Laboratory Technologist in order to maintain confidentiality within the project. General Lab maintenance and backup. This would include: (a) Day to day tasks of keeping the laboratory in a clean and orderly state, using the required solutions and materials specified by the Lab protocol or Lab Supervisor. (b) To abide by the Lab Health and safety rules and regulations be wearing correct safety attire and using the correct equipment to carry out Job(s). (c) Lab test preparation and solution making. (d) Specimen aliquoting and storage as required by protocol.
Reporting to the QA/QC Manager, the Medical Laboratory Technologist (QA/QC Specialist) will be required to provide support to several protocol/research teams. S/he will also work closely with Research Coordinators and bench supervisors in developing procedures and ensuring that all procedures are ready in time for start of any study/research protocol.
Main Duties
Ensure that Laboratory’s documented policies and procedures are reviewed and are up to date as required. Ensure that all laboratory SOPs are written and maintained as per the writing of quality systems documents and document control procedures. Work with bench supervisors to carry out periodic reviews of documents at the benches to ensure that only valid documents are in circulation. Provide support to the Assistant QA/QC Manager in timely testing and submission of External Quality Assurance samples and compilation of evaluation results to effect instrument to instrument and staff comparison data. Participate in the designing of an internal audit process, including checklists, schedule of implementation, reporting of findings, resolution action plans, implementation of corrective and preventive actions and subsequent documentation. Work with the Assistant QA/QC Manager to collect cumulative quality key indicator data from QC records, analyze and report trends in the QC process that may result in the generation of inaccurate reports or delayed TAT turnaround times, and generate monthly reports on QC trends to report to the QA/QC Manager. Stand in for the Assistant QA/QC Manager in his/her absence and carry out all duties as required. Work with the Research Coordinator in investigations and documentation of corrective and preventative actions, tracking, trending, and maintenance of historical files. Work closely with the Research Coordinator and the protocol team and support new protocols by ensuring that SOPs and other documents required by the protocol teams are approved. Provide necessary over site on the benches to ensure that all protocol related activities are carried out in accordance with respective protocols and regulations. In a number of times the Medical Laboratory Technologist (QA/QC Specialist) will be required to attend protocol/study meetings to represent the QA/QC Manager. Work hand in hand with the Research Coordinator to monitor laboratory testing for all assigned protocols/studies report any deviations to the QA/QC Manager. May be required to perform LDMS reviews, storage verification, discrepancies resolutions, assay applications (DNA & RNA & data exportation). Any other responsibilities as may be assigned by the QA/QC Manager.
Reporting to the PCC Study Coordinator / ART In-Charge. The incumbent will work in collaboration with the district medical staff in designated clinics to mentor facility staff to provide quality patient centred care and support the clinical management of HIV infected individuals. The Lead Clinical Mentor will also work with all CIDRZ technical staff to address and improve all issues affecting the quality of care and meeting the facility targets as required by CIDRZ.
Main duties
Provide appropriate health care worker mentorship, interpret facility test results and provide appropriate feedback to the facility in charge. Provide training in patient-centred care (e.g., concepts of empathy, respect, autonomy and related skills of communication, and shared decision making) into existing quality improvement approaches. Assist in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other study tools. Facilitate training to other clinic mentors and provide oversight of day to day activities. Assist study staff in the completion of in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, patient identification, and defaulter tracing and data collection. Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality of participant records at all times, following Good Clinical Practice and Human Subjects Protection Standards. Ensure that all study memos and other documents are filed appropriately at the study clinic and administration office. Assist in identifying training/mentoring/coaching needs and developing and providing training programmes as necessary to update/maintain competence of study staff. Liaise with the facility In-charge and Study Coordinator to support the delivery of HIV-related clinical care services in all areas of support within designated clinics. Responsible for performance evaluation of study personnel when designated (i.e. during a supervisor’s leave). Work closely with health facility staff and other stakeholders to sensitise target communities. Work in collaboration with the facility In-charge and CIDRZ technical staff to provide mentorship and capacity building for smooth implementation of quality care services. Provide guidance on high quality of care according to national guidelines. Conduct QA/QC activities to address all issues related to service provision by involving facility staff for sustainable study implementation. Facilitate interpretation and data use in facilities on their performance. Understanding of facility factors related to performance as well as provider experience. S/he will work with Data Associates and Community Liaison Officers to maintain patients tracking and appointment system. Responsible for coordinating with laboratory point person to ensure rapid turn round of lab results or missing samples. Attend to any other duties as assigned to ensure the optimal implementation of the PCC study.
Reports to HR Manager – Resourcing and Development. The incumbent is part of a team responsible for planning and executing staff recruitment activities and supporting the overall recruitment strategy at operational level.
Main duties
Works with HR Manager – Resourcing and Development to develop a complete understanding of CIDRZ objectives to effectively shape and plan recruitment requirements. Understanding CIDRZ resourcing needs in order to meet business objectives and acts as the resourcing subject matter expert. Be externally focussed and curious about best practice in the external labour market and ensures the organisation is continually updated with labour market conditions. Assists with Job analysis and job evaluation to ensure jobs are properly graded. Assists with change management initiatives by conducting readiness assessments, job-impact analysis and capability assessments. Effectively and efficiently maintains and updates Job descriptions and competence profile. Correctly implement and interpret HR policies and labour laws and provide guidance to Project Heads and Managers on handling resourcing issues. Conducts and coordinates the recruitment cycle for the entire organisation and ensure interviews, selection, placement and orientation enhance acquisition of staff.  Ensures new staff are placed at correct salaries and negotiating with prospective candidates were need arises. Timely Processing of work permits for expatriate staff, initiating follow ups with immigration department. Conducts yearly organisational man power planning in consultation with the Manager and maintains the organisation establishment spread sheet to ensure optimum staffing numbers. Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports. Prepare periodic special reports to reflect staffing trends by project, grade and staff turnover analysis.
Application Deadline: December 15, 2017
Suitably qualified candidates are invited to apply; however only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Please send application letter quoting the reference number above, relevant academic and professional certificates, and detailed CV with day-time telephone number(s) to: CIDRZ Human Resources Director, PO Box 34681, LUSAKA or email:

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